Course Redevelopment Work

by Admin

The Board in 2008 engaged Neil Crafter of Golf Strategies to review the course.  The review and ensuing recommendations were adopted by a Special General Meeting of members in 2009 with a requirement to complete the ‘uncompleted’ holes prior to doing any work on holes already modified.

As explained by President, David Garry in his message to members recently, the Board has been working to deliver a new three year Strategic Plan.  The major emphasis of the new Strategic Plan will see a return to improving the course.

In line with the reviewed course master plan and adopted recommendations, plans have been developed for works to be completed on the first three holes.

To fund this work the Board has approved the implementation of a Course Development Levy which will be issued on your renewal notices.  Based on current membership numbers it is estimated that approximately $67,000 per annum will be raised through the Course Development Levy.

Works Summary

Hole 1 (Estimated cost $60,715)

  • New enlarged green relocated 52m in front of existing green
  • ​New right front bunker 8 - 10m short of green
  • ​Removal of selected trees right hand side of green to improve line of play on the 2nd hole

1st Hole Plans

Hole 2 (Estimated cost $80,240)

  • New enlarged green, lowered by approx 1.5m
  • Two new bunkers right hand side
  • ​Extend and reshape approach fairway to connect with lowered green to provide improved landing area for shorter hitters

2nd Hole Plans

Hole 3 (Estimated cost $76,095)

  • New enlarged green, right of existing green (appropriate size for long par 4)
  • ​Two new bunkers left hand green side, one short right side

3rd Hole Plans

Work on the 1st green redevelopment will be scheduled to commence in early September 2017.  The construction process is expected to take approximately one month with the hole estimated to be back in play by early December.

Management will also look for opportunities to address the outstanding irrigation upgrade and levelling of areas on the 1st fairway at this time.


Mark Tan
General Manager